Stabilization Training Assistance Reintegration (STAR)

The State-Operated Stabilization Training Assistance Reintegration (STAR) homes are committed to affording each consumer a safe and nurturing environment where opportunities for growth, realization, self-expression and goal achievement is celebrated. The homes strive to empower individuals to be self-reliant as their skills, strengths, perseverance and abilities allow so they can transition from crisis stabilization services to long-term community living.


  • Providing excellent services designed to advance each person’s capabilities, level of independence and responsibility.
  • We are dedicated to delivering services that are individualized, responsive to needs and supportive of choices, while providing supports that foster good health, safety and development.
  • We strive to maximize each consumer’s independence and quality of life, and reduce the need for future STAR services.
  • We intend to accomplish this vision by making data-driven decision about clients and treatments, attracting a competent and highly motivated workforce, creating a culture that promotes empowerment, teamwork, and building partnerships with all stakeholders.
  • It is our belief and expectation that every staff member plays an active and vital role in realizing this vision.
  • We believe that every exchange with a community member, stakeholder, or regional center is an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and to build a partnership for the future.
  • We Believe that every interaction with a consumer, a parent, or a community member represents an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

North STAR

North STAR is licensed by the State of California, Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide 24-hour non-medical care to adults (18 years of age and older) with developmental disabilities receiving regional center services and who are in need of time-limited crisis stabilization services for up to 13 months.

North STAR services are provided based on an individualized Needs and Services Plan (NSP), which is developed through a team approach using a person-centered planning process that supports the consumer’s positive control and self-determination of their own lives. Depending on the supports identified in the NSP, services may include health care, education, work training, employment, self-help training, leisure activities, behavior management, and socialization skills development.


Last modified: January 20, 2021