Early Start Publications and Outreach Materials Resources

Some of the Early Start free materials may be downloaded from this webpage, or you can email the completed Publications Order Form  to earlystart@dds.ca.gov


Community Resources Infographic:

Early Start Statutes & Regulations, Tenth Edition, 2015

Updated in 2015, presents federal and state laws governing Early Start including Part C of the
Individuals with Disabilities Act and the California Early Intervention Services Act.

Central Directory of Early Intervention Resources

A directory of more than 800 state and local agencies that provide early intervention services in California.

Starting Out Together – An Early Intervention Guide for FamiliesA question and answer format summarizes the research supporting early intervention for infants and toddlers with a disability. The booklet also provides information on the key points of how the Early Start system works, such as eligibility, referral and the child’s service plan.

Available in: English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Early Start is governed by both federal and state statutes and regulations. This booklet provides in-depth information to parents and other interested parties about procedural safeguards available to ensure services are provided in a manner appropriate to the child’s needs and the concerns of the family.

This brochure is intended as a quick guide for healthcare providers in the areas of screenings and referrals to Early Intervention services.

An easy-to-read overview of the benefits of early intervention during the first three years of a child’s life, this brochure explains the steps to take if you have concerns about your child’s development as well as what services are available if your child is determined eligible for Early Start.

Parent-to-parent support through Family Resource Centers and Networks is a critical component of Early Start in California. This brochure introduces the statewide network of family resource centers, which are staffed by parents of children with special needs who actively collaborate with local regional centers and local education agencies to help parents and families access early intervention services.

This brochure is a collaborative effort between the Department of Developmental Services and the California Department of Education. The brochure is designed to facilitate finding and identifying young children who may benefit from early intervention or specialized education services and to encourage appropriate referrals regarding these children to Early Start and special education preschool services. It can be ordered through the Publications Order Form.

For free downloadable resources please go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and choose from a variety of resources: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/actearly/freematerials.html#toolsfortrackingmilestones-2017

For more information regarding Early Start services and referrals, please contact the Early Start BabyLine at 800 – 515 – BABY (800 – 515 – 2229) or earlystart@dds.ca.gov


Last modified: July 29, 2021