Institutions for Mental Disease Step-Down Homes

To further enhance supports to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who have co-occurring psychiatric disabilities, the Department expanded vendor-operated services to include step-down homes. These step-down homes are developed to support individuals transitioning to the community from Institutions for Mental Disease (IMDs) and those at risk of being placed in an IMD. The step-down home provides intensive supports and services that are person-centered, structured and focus on skill development.


The IMD step-down homes have the following characteristics:

  • Licensed as community crisis homes,
  • Each home has less than five beds,
  • Serve individuals who are 18 years or older, and
  • Provide person-centered, structured supports and services.
  • Some IMD step-down homes have delayed egress.


The first IMD step-down home is in Alta California Regional Center’s catchment area. The home is licensed, certified and began operation in the Spring of 2019. There are three IMD step-down homes that are still under development.

IMD Step-Down Home Development Overview

Total Capacity: 20 Beds

VendorAreaBed CapacityOpen Date
TelecareAlta California Regional Center4 bedsSpring 2019
Liberty Healthcare Far Northern Regional Center4 bedsProjected Spring 2021
Liberty Healthcare San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center4 bedsFall 2020
Liberty Healthcare San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center4 bedsFall 2020


Last modified: January 20, 2021