Institutions for Mental Disease Intensive Transition Services

The Department expanded vendor-operated services to include intensive transition services (also referred to as IITS). These services are offered to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and co-occurring psychiatric disabilities who are at risk of admission to or transitioning from an Institution for Mental Disease (IMD), or transitioning from an IMD step-down home to the community. The intensive transition services are expected to provide individuals with a higher level of support during their transition if they are moving to a step-down home or to a permanent home in their community.

Characteristics of Services

IMD intensive transition services include the following:

  • Pre-transition risk assessment,
  • Assistance with in-depth person-centered planning,
  • Environmental assessments of the community home, and
  • Consultation before, during and after the transition to residential providers for intensive behavioral and psychiatric supports.


Intensive transition services for individuals transitioning from IMDs launched in the Fall of 2018.

These services are provided statewide with regional offices in Northern California in ACRC area and in Southern California in SGPRC area.


Last modified: January 20, 2021