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Facts and Stats Home Page

Facts and Stats is a collection of pertinent data about individuals provided services funded by DDS.

Monthly Caseload Reports
Number of consumers by regional center and status code.

Diagnostic Information and Instruments
Quarterly CDER client characteristics reports; and Client Development Evaluation Report (CDER) form and manual.

Consumer Count by California Zip Code
Quarterly consumer report by age group and by residence type (Excel)

DDS Fact Books
The DDS Fact Books contain pertinent information about persons served by the department.

Monthly Admissions, Transfers and Placements Reports
Statistical reports of admissions, transfers and placements to California Developmental Centers and State-Operated Community Facilities.
» By Developmental Centers (PDF)
» By Regional Centers (PDF)

Population of Developmental Centers and State-Operated Community Facilities

Residential Capacity and Consumer Transitions
Monthly reports about the development of residential capacity for consumers transitioning into the community from Developmental Centers subject to closure and the number of consumers who have transitioned into the community.
Last Updated: 10/10/2019