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How to Get a Job with DDS

General Information

State Civil Service jobs are generally filled through competitive examinations. Information about the examination is provided by a bulletin. The bulletin includes information such as job title, salary, final filing date, minimum qualifications, and the type of test required. The typical types of tests may include written, interview, skills, (e.g., typing and driving), and physical ability (e.g. swimming, lifting, and running). The whole examination process may take as long as six months or more to complete.

For more information about the examination and civil service process you may want to visit the CalHR Frequently Asked Questions page.

For further information, visit the California Department of Human Resources website.

Exam Information

Step 1: Find an Examination

Before you can be appointed to a permanent position, you must first take an open competitive examination to obtain list eligibility. We encourage you to take as many examinations as you qualify for.

Exam Bulletins

DDS advertises positions by releasing examination bulletins. These bulletins provide information regarding minimum qualifications; how, where, what to study, and when to file for a particular examination. Check the Examinations Opportunities pages, or visit the CalHR Website for exam opportunities.

Step 2: Filling out a State Application Form

After you locate an exam or vacancy which you have determined you are qualified for, you will need to complete a State application. Read it carefully and answer all questions that apply to you. It is best to type or print neatly in blue or black ink. The completed application is an example of your comprehension skills, your ability to follow directions, and your attention to detail. Be sure to sign all applications. Applications must be submitted by the final filing date as indicated on the exam or vacancy bulletins. LATE APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

The official California State Examination/Employment Application Form Std. 678 is available online from the California Department of Human Resources. The application may also be obtained from any California State Personnel Board or Employment Development Department office.

Out-of-State applicants may obtain an official state application form by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

California Department of Human Resources
Service Center
P.O. Box 944201
Sacramento, CA 94244-2010

Note: Original signatures are required on all application submitted for an examination or a vacancy. It is a good idea to make additional copies of your application after completion, but before signing.

Step 3: Apply for an Examination

To apply for an State examination, you must complete a Application Form Std. 678. After your application is received by the testing personnel office, a letter normally will be sent to you within 30 days notifying you that your application was received and whether you qualify to take the exam. Important: Applications must be postmarked no later than the final filing date listed on the exam announcement.

Applicants who DO NOT meet the minimum qualifications for the classification being tested will receive a Disqualification letter. If you disagree with the disqualification decision and have additional information to submit to Personnel, follow the instructions indicated on the Disqualification Letter.

Applicants that DO meet the minimum qualifications for the classification being tested will not receive another notice until the next phase of the exam process. At that time, you may receive a Notice for a Written Examination and/or a Notice for an Oral Interview.

Individuals with Disabilities

If you are an individual with a "disability" who either

  1. has a physical or mental impairment or medical condition that limits one or more major life activities,
  2. has a record or history of such impairment or medical condition, or
  3. is regarded as having such an impairment or medical condition,

You may wish to participate in the State's Limited Examination & Appointment Program (LEAP). Look up current open LEAP examinations in the State Exam Bulletin Search by entering "LEAP" in the search box.

LEAP Information - please visit the Department of Rehabilitation's website for more information.

Step 4: After the Examination

After you have taken a State examination, you will receive a letter indicating your results from the examination. This may take up to four to eight weeks from the date of the examination. If you passed the exam, the letter will contain your score and rank. Your name will be placed on an eligibility list which is typically active for one to four years. The examination bulletin (under the heading "Eligible List Information") will state the length of eligibility which can be from one-four years.

Employment Inquiry

During the life of the eligibility list, you may be contacted to apply for a specific job. Employment Inquiries are sent to candidates when an agency or department is attempting to fill a position. Individuals are usually selected for interviews from the first three ranks on the eligibility list.

If you are not interested in that particular position you do not need to apply for the vacancy.

If you are interested in an advertised job vacancy, and you are reachable on the eligibility list for that classification, you do not need to wait for a contact letter to apply for a position. You may apply for a position and indicate your eligibility on your application in the explanations section that you are reachable and/or submit a copy of your result notice along with your State application.

Step 5: Applying for DDS Job Openings

Find a Vacancy

Now that you have taken an examination and are on an eligible list, the next step is locating a vacant position. There are many ways to obtain vacancy information. You may receive a contact letter. However, because there may be several candidates in the same rank, the computer may randomly choose the candidates who will receive a contact letter or due to employment preferences, you may be reachable for one position and not reachable for another position. If you receive a contact letter and fail to reply. or if you decline three job inquiries, your name may be removed from the list.

Don't wait to be contacted

You may immediately apply for job openings. If you are not in the first three ranks, you may have to wait until a rank is cleared before you can be hired. DDS advertises vacancies on the VPOS (CalCareers Jobs Site).

Visit the DDS Job Vacancies Page.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018