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Developmental Centers Initiatives


Policy Development/Review

Office of Protective Services (OPS) recently entered into a contract with Lexipol, LLC for a subscription to Lexipol's Law Enforcement Policy Manual and Daily Training Bulletins. Lexipol is a nationally-recognized provider of law enforcement and risk management policies. OPS staff are currently working with Lexipol using the web-based Lexipol Knowledge Management System platform to update the OPS policy manual.

Effective July 1, 2015, OPS has published its policy manual that is consistent with federal, state, and local laws, and reflects up-to-date, applicable industry standards and best practices. Trainers from the California Health and Human Services Agency's Office of Law Enforcement Support (OLES) will be providing on-site training to all OPS officers on accessing and navigating the KMS and conducting policy review. After the initial training is completed, daily training bulletins will be provided and reviewed by OPS staff to reinforce approved policies and procedures.

Office of Law Enforcement Support

OPS is working collaboratively with California Health and Human Services Agency's Office of Law Enforcement Support (OLES) to provide independent oversight of law enforcement investigations, recruitment and hiring, and training.

Investigations of Incidents by OPS

The Department is committed to implementing best practices in conducting administrative and criminal investigations. The Department continues to refine the newly implemented Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS) to provide greater standardization and assist in measuring OPS case investigations and findings.

When an incident occurs at a developmental center/community facility (DC/CF), a number of reviews occur to determine the contributing factors, develop plans to prevent recurrence and initiate corrective actions if necessary. Special investigations are conducted by OPS as a critical element of safeguarding the DC/CF residents. In response to specific recommendations, OPS operations and organizational restructuring has occurred, and the OPS is reviewing and revising all internal operating systems to ensure ongoing improvement. This is being achieved by the Department and OPS leadership with subject matter expert consultants.

For more information, visit the OPS webpage.

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Last Updated: 3/2/2018