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Speaking for a Better Tomorrow

The Department of Developmental Services is pleased to present Speaking for a Better Tomorrow, A Guide to Making an Effective Speech.

The purpose of this Guide is to help individuals with developmental disabilities (consumers) give a speech about something that will make their life, or the lives of others, better.

This Guide teaches two things: First, the Guide teaches how to create a mission statement. A mission statement tells people about your life and what you believe about yourself. A mission statement says what kind of person you are, or want to be, and what you want to do with your life. The mission statement also says what you believe in, and how that affects who you are and what you do.

Once the mission statement is created, the second thing you will learn is how to make a speech. Your speech will be built on your mission statement. You will decide your speech topic from your mission statement.

This Guide was created for consumers to use on your own, or with help from someone. You don't need to take a class to use this workbook. You can use this Guide to help you give a short speech about the story of your life. You can also use this guide to help you give a longer speech, for example, as a conference keynote speaker or at a school assembly. If you plan to use this Guide for training, it is recommended that you conduct the training in three, six hour days and that consumers be provided supports, as needed, to achieve the maximum benefits.

The Department wishes to acknowledge the following people and organizations for their assistance in the development of this Guide:

  • People First of California
  • ARC San Diego
  • Self-Advocacy Members, Chico
  • Robin Keehn, Office of the State Council, Area Board II
  • Sandra Mak and Self-Advocates, Leadership Today
  • Mark Starford and Sherry Beamer, Board Resource Center
  • Michael Long and Kathleen Ozeroff, DDS

Copies of this Guide are only available here on DDS' website, so feel free to download and print your own. Should you have any questions about the Guide, contact Office of Human Rights and Advocacy Services at (916) 654-1888.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018